You’re probably wondering how different KSM-66 and Sensoril can really be, considering they are extracts of the same plant - Ashwagandha!

Though, as it turns out, they can differ quite a bit. However, selecting which type may be best really all depends on what you’re looking to achieve from taking a daily ashwagandha supplement.

With this in mind, let’s explore these two different types of ashwagandha - sensoril and KSM-66 - so you can best decide which one you may want to opt for!

Firstly, what is ashwagandha?!

Ashwagandha: A Brief Introduction

Ashwagandha, the king of the Ayurvedic herbs, has been used for centuries as a stress reliever, cognitive enhancer, and promoter of sexual function.

Though, it’s best known as being a popular and effective adaptogen. Adaptogenic herbs have also been used for centuries in traditional medicine systems due to their extraordinary health benefits.

An adaptogenic herb has properties which can help our body cope better with the physical effects of stress and anxiety, helping to aid us in reacting and recovering from short- and long-term physical and mental stress.

Adaptogens are also thought to have immune boosting properties, as well as abilities to combat fatigue, enhance cognition, and promote overall optimal health.

Ashwagandha specifically has been shown to possess the following health benefits:

  • Reduce symptoms of anxiety

Ashwagandha is likely best known for its anxiolytic properties, meaning that it can help reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety in individuals who are suffering from chronic stress.

  • Reduce cortisol levels

Another one for the chronically stressed - ashwagandha is thought to reduce levels of cortisol. This is a stress hormone than can be harmful if it is constantly produced, which is often in chronically stressed individuals.

  • Enhance male fertility

One of the main reasons ashwagandha is a key ingredient in Testo Lab Pro - it has been shown to enhance male fertility by increasing the production of testosterone, as well as improving sperm quality and concentration among infertile men.

  • Improve power output

Not only is this herb beneficial for males and stress-relief, but it’s also thought to provide some physical performance advantages too, including improving sprint performance and power output in trained and untrained men.

KSM-66 Vs Sensoril

The main difference between these two types of ashwagandha is where the extracts are sourced from.

Sensoril extract uses both the leaf and the root of the ashwagandha herb, whereas KSM-66 is made only from the root.

So, what does this mean in terms of differences of effects?

It has been reported that sensoril has more of a calming effect, particularly due to the glycowithanolide content - one of the active ingredients of ashwagandha.

Sensoril would help produce a more calming, stress relieving effect. This can be beneficial for improving sleep and stress management.

On the other hand, KSM-66 provides a more uplifting effect. This extract is a specialized root extract that closely resembles the natural ratios of bioactive constituents of the ashwagandha root.

Additionally, KSM-66 uses a milk extraction process and is pre-treated as it would have been in traditional practices.

KSM-66 is known for being a high quality, full-spectrum extract that helps promote cognitive function, stress management, sleep, endurance, and recovery.

Which One is Better?

As with many supplements, there can be various forms of what would be from the same source, compound, or herb.

Though, it’s not normally a question of which is better, rather which would be more suitable for you!

While sensoril can provide more of a calming effect, reducing fatigue, improving sleep, promoting proper functioning of the nervous system and muscle functions, it may be better for those who are seeking these health improvements.

Whereas KSM-66 is more beneficial for those who are physically active and are seeking a more novel Ayurvedic extraction technique. However, this wouldn’t necessarily be suitable for those who are allergic to milk or dairy.

KSM-66 would provide benefits in regard to better memory, more energy during the day, and helping to enhance muscular recovery.

Though, at their core, these two forms do provide benefits in areas of stress management due to the adaptogenic properties, which is usually the primary reason for supplementation.

The best approach is to give them both a try and see what works best for your body!

KSM-66: The Best Form of Ashwagandha?

While there is no best form of ashwagandha, KSM-66 is often the more popular form and is considered today’s best ashwagandha.

Testo Lab Pro contains 600mg of KSM-66, ashwagandha root extract with 5% withanolides. This is the more advanced, full-spectrum form backed by modern science.

KSM-66 is used in Testo Lab Pro for it’s T-boosting properties and enhancer of the body and mind. Some of the benefits of KSM-66 in Testo Lab Pro include:

  • Physical and mental stress resistance
  • Virility
  • Stoic mindset
  • Mental clarity
  • Muscle strength
  • Muscle size
  • Physical endurance

KSM-66 is an effective standalone supplement, though its benefits are complemented by other ingredients in the Testo Lab Pro formula, such as:

  • Mucuna Pruriens Extract
  • D-Aspartic Acid
  • Luteolin
  • NutriGenesis vitamins and minerals

This combination of ingredients will help you go harder for longer, and improve performance inside and outside of the gym.

Take-Home Message

Ashwagandha is the king of the Ayurvedic herbs and one of the most potent and effective adaptogenic herbs.

There are various forms of ashwagandha, each sourced from a different part of the plant. This article focused on the differences between KSM-66 and Sensoril.

While both of these forms provide the same benefits at their core, sensoril provides more of a calming effect, whereas KSM-66 provides a more uplifting effect.

This means that there is no one better than the other, though there is one that is more suitable for you as an individual.

Our top pick is KSM-66, the form contained in the Testo Lab Pro formula, which enhances performance inside and outside of the gym by naturally boosting testosterone and enhancing a more stoic mindset!