If there was a button to safely turn testosterone production “On,” you’d push it, wouldn’t you?

What man wouldn’t!

Fortunately, there is no such button...otherwise we’d have too many alpha males on the prowl, crossing paths with one another and butting heads over who peed on what first.

But there is a “next best thing” to a testosterone-boosting button.

Here's Where D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) Comes In...

A semi-essential amino acid naturally found within the body’s endocrine system, DAA plays a key role in regulating sex hormone production, including testosterone production.

And when you supplement DAA, it’s almost as if you’re flipping on your T-boosting switch, albeit within a healthy, reasonable threshold of “testosterone boosting.”

However, understanding how DAA works is important to knowing how best to supplement DAA: 

  • Should you take in the morning or the afternoon?
  • Daily or intermittently?
  • Is it good to take D-Aspartic Acid with food or without food?
  • And more...

In this article, we cover some of basic how-to pointers on supplementing D-aspartic acid. Starting with one of the more frequently asked questions:

Should You Take D-Aspartic Acid With or Without Food?

Considering that D-aspartic acid (DAA) is a food component, this is somewhat of a trick question.

If you’re consuming D-aspartic acid, you are, in a sense, consuming food—or at least a food sub-unit.

As a semi-essential micronutrient, D-aspartic acid is both naturally produced in the body and a dietary requirement for optimal health and fitness.

Documented food sources of D-Aspartic Acid include: 

  • corn protein (40%)
  • casein (31%)
  • non-dairy creamer (17%)
  • soy protein (9%)1
  • as well as many fish and meat proteins.

If you’re looking to take D-aspartic acid as a food (i.e., via your diet), it’s certainly possible.

However, for the purpose of testosterone boosting, DAA supplementation is the way to go. In which case D-Aspartic Acid should work both with or without food.

Like most amino acids, DAA is water-soluble and, thus, doesn’t require co-ingestion with fatty foods to assist with absorption. Taking DAA mixed with water, whether on an empty stomach or not, should work just fine.2

One concern with supplementing amino acids is that they compete with each other for absorption, hence the argument over supplementing narrowly focused branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) over the broad catalog of essential amino acids (EAAs) for intra-workout protein synthesis. Though the jury is still out on much of this.

With that in mind, it’s perhaps best to take DAA separately from other amino acids (or proteins) to avoid any potential absorption competition.

Best practice involves taking DAA as part of a natural, comprehensive T-boosting formula—ideally, in capsule form, as well, to avoid the gnarly taste of raw DAA powder.

Testo Lab Pro®: Our T-Booster Containing D-Aspartic Acid (can be taken with or without food)

Supplying D-aspartic acid in highly bioavailable calcium chelate form, Testo Lab Pro® provides the powerful testosterone support of DAA.

Additionally, it also delivers a synergy of primary and secondary testosterone-boosting effects brought by male-healthy botanicals and micronutrients.

Altogether, Testo Lab Pro® works by:

  • Supplying raw T precursor required for healthy testosterone production within the Leydig cells of the testes.
  • Promoting LH and FSH secretion from the pituitary gland for T-healthy optimization of the hypothalamus-pituitary-gonadal (HPG) axis.
  • Encouraging a pro-anabolic, anti-catabolic metabolism for a healthy hormonal balance among both sex hormones and stress hormones.
  • Blocking aromatase, the enzyme responsible for converting testosterone to estrogen, to mitigate any testosterone-driven rises in female sex hormones.

Get the Best Deal on Testo Lab Pro® Here

With a simple, yet comprehensive formula comprising all-natural male-boosting botanicals and compounds, Testo Lab Pro® works with the body’s natural testosterone-regulating pathways for safe, daily, long-term support.

What’s more, the formula comes encapsulated in synthetic-free NutriCaps®, a prebiotic-infused capsule constructed out of fermented tapioca (pullulan) for a clean, eco-friendly, vegan-friendly delivery of these powerful, plant-based testosterone boosters.

No harmful synthetics or artificial additives.

Supplement Facts: KSM-66® Ashwagandha Extract (5% withanolides), D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate (D-AA-CC), Mucuna Pruriens Extract (15% levodopa), Luteolin (from orange extract), Vitamin D (as NutriGenesis®), Vitamin K1 and K2 (as NutriGenesis®), Magnesium (as NutriGenesis®), Zinc (as NutriGenesis®), Boron (as NutriGenesis®)

Get the Best Deal on Testo Lab Pro® Here

Final Word on Taking D-Aspartic Acid With Food or Without

As a decently water-soluble amino, D-Aspartic Acid should be safe to take with or without food.

Especially when taken in D-aspartic acid calcium chelate (D-AA-CC) form, in conjunction with other natural sex hormone regulating botanicals and compounds, this is a generally safe and effective Testosterone booster, however you choose to take it.

Fortunately, with Testo Lab Pro®’s smart and safe formula design, you won’t have to worry too much over proper DAA use (or misuse).

Just stick to the directions, eat your fruits and veggies, don’t skip leg-day, and you should be fine!

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