Testosterone is one of the key hormones for men (and women!), so it’s important to understand the function of this hormone and why it’s vital to maintain healthy levels.

There are many lifestyle factors, foods, and supplements which can all promote healthy testosterone levels, from weightlifting to ashwagandha!

Though, this article explores how raw eggs may boost testosterone. Most of us have seen the old school trick of bodybuilders knocking back a couple of raw eggs or adding them to a protein shake—was this for the benefit of boosting testosterone?

All will be explored in this short guide to boosting testosterone!

Testosterone and Bodybuilding

Firstly, let’s look at what the benefits of boosting testosterone are for bodybuilding specifically!

Testosterone is the “male hormone” make in the testes and is responsible for all typical male traits, such as sperm production, libido, muscle mass, and hair growth.

All male hormones (androgens) also play a significant role in normal brain function, mood, sex drive, and overall cognitive function.

We need an adequate amount of testosterone to properly develop and function, however, you can have too much or too little.

Abnormally low testosterone levels in men can cause a number of issues, such as:

  • Low libido
  • Reduced body and facial hair
  • Impotence
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Irritability

Testosterone is the primary muscle building hormone, playing a key role in muscle growth and development. This is what makes testosterone-boosting strategies of obvious interest to athletes and bodybuilders.

So, can raw eggs boost testosterone?

Raw Eggs Vs Cooked Eggs: Which Is Better for Boosting Testosterone?

You may be familiar with the old school professional bodybuilders adding raw eggs to their daily muscle building diets, and most notably, Rocky!—but why? Is this actually helpful for muscle building and testosterone?

Well, cooked eggs should definitely be a staple in a bodybuilder's diet. Eggs, specifically the yolk, contain protein and vitamin D needed for testosterone production. Alongside the healthy fat content in the yolk, it really is a power food when it comes to building muscle.

Raw eggs, on the other hand, not so much!

While it’s definitely a quicker way to get more protein alongside a shake or meal, it has been shown that raw eggs contain significantly less protein than cooked eggs.

Secondly, athletes these days simply don’t want to run the risk of illness when eating raw eggs, which can be likely if you’re following this practice daily.

Instead, stick to the cooked egg variety for a bigger punch of nutrients and some added food hygiene!

Are there any other foods which can boost testosterone?

While eggs should be a staple in the diet for bodybuilders and athletes, here are some other foods which are thought to help increase testosterone levels:

  • Shellfish

Oysters, crab, shrimp, and mussels are all rich sources of zinc, a key mineral involved in supporting optimal testosterone levels and immune system function.

  • Leafy greens

Spinach, kale, and watercress are rich in magnesium, also a key nutrient for increasing testosterone levels and supporting overall men’s health.

  • Fortified cereals

For a healthy dose of magnesium and vitamin D—a powerful nutrient combo for testosterone!

  • Beans

Beans pack a powerful punch of magnesium and zinc, which as we know, are essential for testosterone production and men’s health.

  • Meat

Not only is meat high in protein, which is vital for muscle growth and repair, but red meat specifically provides testosterone-producing vitamin D and zinc.

  • Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are packed with many nutrients essential for overall health and muscle building, containing an impressive amount of magnesium, zinc, and healthy fats, these are a no brainer when it comes to foods that boost testosterone!

Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone

Now you know what foods you should be adding to your diet to help boost testosterone levels, it’s time to discuss other lifestyle and supplementary factors which may also help!

Some of the key strategies to boost testosterone include:

  • Consuming a wide range of healthy fats to support hormone production such as red meat, dairy, nuts, avocados, and eggs
  • Eating a varied, balanced diet to avoid any nutrient deficiencies and maintain a healthy weight
  • Keeping physically active to promote testosterone production and healthy weight management
  • Resistance training to help increase muscle mass and testosterone
  • Sleeping an adequate number of hours each night, around 7-8 hours is optimal
  • Considering a natural T-boosting supplement such as Testo Lab Pro

Testo Lab Pro is a natural testosterone booster which combines key nutrients such as magnesium, zinc, and vitamin D alongside herbal T-boosters such as ashwagandha and mucuna pruriens.

This supplement supports all-round testosterone production, male health, and muscle building to maximize all of your athletic needs.

The Final Word

While raw eggs have been a big part of the traditional bodybuilding hype for many years, it appears that this dietary practice is not quite what it’s lived up to be!

It is much more beneficial, from a nutrient and food hygiene perspective, to consume eggs in cooked form. Cooked eggs can provide all the protein, fat, and other nutrients you need to excel as an athlete.

Though, looking at other natural ways to boost testosterone would be equally beneficial.

Magnesium- and zinc-rich foods, high protein sources, training hard, and considering a supplement such as Testo Lab Pro, are much more effective ways to boost testosterone than drinking raw eggs!